I love my job.
I have saved the world from alien invasion, twice. I once spent weeks in outer space without ever leaving earth. I have hung out with the God of War, run with the bulls and set sail in a U-boat. I have gone back in time but was always back for lunch. I have blown up cars and houses, fired a rocket, killed zombies and crash landed on the moon. I have been to Tasmania.
 Diversity is one of the things I love about being a cinematographer. From diversity of genres to diversity of the crew, coming together  often only once in a lifetime.
And i love the evolution of the craft. 
The technology of film-making is always changing, and with this change comes continual reinterpretations of ideas and techniques. 
A cinematographer is always at the forefront.
My own style as a cinematographer has also evolved over time. Stylised realism is how I would describe my current work.
It’s about observing what is happening naturally in the interplay of actors, light and space, and shaping it to serve the story and create a visual delight. It’s about simplicity while acknowledging the complexity and contradiction in stories --- the beauty in melancholy; amusement in the absurd.
On a personal level, I enjoy the relationships fostered on each new project and bring to set an attention to detail and a relaxed manner that allow both photographic rigour and improvisation to be present in equal parts.
Born in England and brought up in New Zealand, I’ve had the privilege of working in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the US and Toronto, where I’m currently based. I’ve been fortunate to have worked on films that have won critical and audience awards at Cannes, siggraph, sxsw, comic con, the New Zealand International film festival, Slamdance, the New York film festival and the Edinburgh film festival to name just a few.

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